Other Services Include: Equipment Sales, Product and Design Assistance to large and small public safety entities needing two-way radios, vehicle mounts, Installation of: Sirens, DVR, Cameras, Light Bars, Strobes, GPS tracking and other related products. FCC Licensing Assistance, Wireless Project Consulting and Wireless System Design.  

A Two-Way Radio for Every Budget: We offer a wide variety of nationally known radio products, including two-way radios from ICOM, Vertex/Standard, Kenwood, HYT and Hytera, and Ritron, and our pricing of various models in each category can accommodate every user, from the most cost and budget-minded, to those wanting top-of-the-line professional or public safety equipment.

Dallas Mobile Communications 
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Signing up with Dallas Mobile’s Wide Area Digital System will save your company money like it did for many of our customers. For example, we had a customer recently call us about our Wide Area two-way radio system. He explained that he had been in the logistics business for thirty years and was looking to save money for his business. He said that the economy was slowing along with orders. The slowing down meant that he had to find something to cut. He looked at all his monthly recurring costs. Something that stood out was his cell phone and Nextel monthly bills. After further review he noticed that every year the cost of his cell phones and Nextel contracts went up especially with the “usage” and “minutes” that were tacked on. He also found that his drivers were constantly breaking and losing cell phones. A few weeks before he had also received news that a new law in Texas stated that all drivers of commercial vehicles must have a “fixed” device for communications. 
Local Logistics Company Saves Hundreds a Month!
He remembered back in the 90’s that he actually operated on a two-way radio system before all the cell phones came out. So that’s when he started searching for a two-way radio company, he found us on Google. It was great to meet Billy, he was a customer in need of something other than cell phones and Nextel. We consulted with him and let him demo a few radios around the area he needed to talk in (Dallas Metroplex). His company basically stores and moves goods for the big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target around Dallas and some in Ft. Worth. He told us he wanted to go back to the days when it was easy to talk to his people instantaneously without the worry of minutes, broken phones and “overages”. We definitely had the solution! Billy signed up with us. We installed a mobile radio at his office to work as his dispatch center. Here he could talk to any of his drivers at anytime. Not only that but he could now listen to all their traffic. We also installed mobile radios into his trucks (these are fixed to the vehicle). He has about 25 trucks. He also purchased a few portable radios for some of his supervisors so they could have a radio in their hands at all times. Billy is now saving money each month. We were able to cut his communications cost by 50%!Do what Billy did, call us for a free consultation and be on your way to saving money for your company and stay in the black! 

Local Company in Dallas
By Lonnie Danchik Two-Way Radio Specialist
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What is Push-to-Talk?
​Push-to-Talk is the most affordable way for you to talk & track around the DFW Metroplex. With the push of a button you can communicate with your people. You can also track your devices on a computer or even your smart phone. It's a simple solution to replacing your cell phones. Fill out the request form below for a free DEMO. 
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How to Sign Up:
  • ​You can Demo equipment for FREE.
  • Fill Out Application and get approved quickly.
  • Talk and Track around DFW for only $49.99 month

All digital, one-touch group-wide communications.
GPS and Geofence tools to monitor location-based workers, manage workflow and improve workforce productivity.
One-touch voice documentation – job start, job complete, arrival and more by pressing a button.
Detailed voice reports can be submitted and shared with location, date and time stamps, eliminating the need for a dispatcher.
Color-coded status mapping helps optimize deployment with real-time updates on every worker for increased efficiency.
Web-based dispatch w/Intelligent Queuing™ and “listened to” verification to reduce backlog and on-hold time.
Compliance with USDOT Distracted Driver regulations.

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Customers Include; Towing, Delivery, Wrecker, Manufacturing Plants, Trucking, Security, Auto Dealerships, Hotel Transportation, Transportation, Retirement homes, Construction, Utility Contractors, Government Contractors, School Buses, ISDs.
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