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Dallas Mobile Communications
We Help Companies and People Communicate with Two-Way Radios and other Wireless Technology. 
Dallas Mobile Communications helps School Districts, Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS) Businesses, Manufacturing Plants, Churches, Restaurants, Clubs and others  improve communications with several technological solutions like: Digital Two-Way Radios, Cell Phone Boosters and Repeater Systems, GPS Tracking and Two Way Radios for Fleets of Vehicles that communicate across the DFW Metroplex. 
Dallas Mobile Communication's History and the Man behind it.
Lonnie Danchik is the President of the compnay. He was born in Longview, Texas. He grew up in Dallas and went to SMU in 1964. Lonnie got into the two-way radio business as a sales representive for General Electric in 1974, this launched his life-long carreer into two-way radio, that is in fact a world wide multi-billion dollar industry. From GE he went along and became a sales manager to a general manager for several years. In 1991 he founded "Communications Professionals" what is now Dallas Mobile Communications. Lonnie was the first to bring in VHF trunking into the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area back in the 90's. Recenlty Dallas Mobile Communications was the first Hytera Dealer for Digital Two-Way radios in the United States. Hytera is one of the leading radio manufacturers in the world like Motorola, Kenwood, iCOM, and Vertex. Today Dallas Mobile Communications is moving along with the rising tide of Digital Two-Way Radios. Dallas Mobile Communications continues to be the very best at two-way radio communications.   
What we do
Dallas Mobile Communications helps companies and people like you communicate more efficiently and for less. For example, many of our customers used cell phones to communicate throughout a building or even around the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metroplex. They were looking for ways to save money and “just something other than cell phones”. We were and are the answer. Of course not all of our customers needs are the same. We have several solutions for each. From the small diner at the corner to a large corporation with several buildings and sites with fleets of vehicles, we have an answer. Here are some of the products and services we provide:

Analog and Digital Two Way Radios 
Hytera, Kenwood, iCOM, Vertex
Digital Repeaters and Systems
GPS Tracking for Fleets of Vehicles
GPS Tracking for rentals and non-powered assets that are portable
Digital Video Recorders for School Buses and other Fleets
Public Safety Installations of Sirens, Light bars, DVRs, Radios
BDA (Cell Phone Boosters) in Large Buildings 
Two-Way Radio Repair and Service (Portables, Mobiles, Systems)
Laptop Mounts for Vehicles
Radio Tower Design and Radio System Consultation

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Public Safety/
Police/Fire & Rescue 
Security,Schools, Churches
Emergency Vehicles
Dallas Mobile Communications 
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Dallas Mobile Communications
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Toll Free: 1-800-699-3181
Phone: 214-884-2707

We are located off 635, Intersection of Miller Rd. & Plano Rd. Look for the "Two-Way Radios" sign. We are in the second set of white buildings in the back. See you here!

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