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We are Dallas Mobile Communications a Dallas-based provider of Digital two-way radio systems and equipment, including our own Area Wide Digital Radio System that gives you Dallas/ Ft.Worth Metroplex Coverage for your fleet of vehicles. We also provide schools, college campuses, warehouses, manufacturing plants, data centers, security, police, construction companies, with two-way radios and accessories such as Digital Radio Upgrades, Narrowbanding, Repeater Installation, Radio Repair, Bi-Directional Antennas (Cell Phone Boosters), and much more. For manufacturing plants, warehouses, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, churches and other entities, allowing them to speak to their personnel around their immediate work area, be it a few thousand square feet, or several square miles. This includes portable radios, repeaters, bases stations, wireless intercoms, call boxes, gate control systems, and just about anything else that involves wireless, Push-to Talk communications.
Public Safety/
Police/Fire & Rescue 
Office: 214-884-2707   
Fax: 214-349-9491
Security,Schools, Churches
Emergency Vehicles
Improve Cell Phone 
Signal in your
 Business or
 Large Building.
Dallas Mobile Communications
Two-Way Radio - Installs - Repair- GPS Tracking -Ram Mounts -Tower Design - On-Site Systems
IMPROVE your in-house communications with our  Digital Hytera Repeater System! It's simple and affordable. Contact all your employees or a select employee with the touch of a button! (no contracts, no airtime, no monthly costs). This system meets the same specifications as the Mototrbo
30 Years in Business

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Dallas Mobile Communications
10874 Plano Rd. Suite D
Dallas, Texas 75238

Toll Free: 1-800-699-3181
Phone: 214-884-2707

We are located off 635, Intersection of Miller Rd. & Plano Rd. Look for the "Two-Way Radios" sign. We are in the second set of white buildings in the back. See you here!

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Two-Way Radios
Digital and Analog, Affordable, Durable, Dependable. Great for Schools and Business.
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Speaker Mics, Surveillance Mics, Headsets, All Models
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Wide Area Coverage
For Fleets of vehicles, talk around DFW 
$49.95 Month!
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 Connect all your Employees together with Hytera Digital Radios and Repeater System
Ask us about our NEW Digital Radios! The lowest price in the market! This true digital compact radio is robust. lightweight and affordable. It also comes with a Motorola Accessory connector. Contact us today! Non-Display models are $299.00 for a digital radio. Call us now for a free Demo today!
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system and is much more affordable. The Hytera Digital Radio System can just be made up of radio to radio communications. For bigger buildings and more coverage you can add in the Hytera Digital Repeater to boost your signal for penetration through thick walls and steel. The new radios can also talk to your current fleet of radios. This helps in migrating your new digital radios in to meet budget constraints. Digital radios are simply just better than analog radios. They talk further, the audio quality is superior, and best of all the noise cancelling feature is the best. You can stand next to a large loud machine and still sound crystal clear. So call us today for a free demo. The Proof is in the Digital Quality!
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